Needlecast Validators


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Needlecast Validators

Needlecast Validators run with the moniker needlecast on networks in the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond.

We have years of experience running enterprise infrastructure at scale. In web3, things move much faster. We constantly re-evaluate our setup and procedures, engaging with other validators on the best way to operate.

We care not only about following best-practice, but also helping to define it as the validator community expands.

We validate the Aptos, Juno and Stargaze mainnets, and have been part of the core development team for Juno since the early days of the project.

Envoy Labs offer smart contract and blockchain consulting to the right projects. If you are a network or foundation that wants an experienced validator team and has a delegation to offer, then get in touch via the link below.

We’re also very active on the Juno Discord. Say hey if you see the-frey.†

Technical details

Our validator setups are best-in-class, with:

Stake with us

Stake with us on Juno

Stake with us on Stargaze

If you want to discuss anything, you can get in touch with us on keybase.

the-frey is not Ethan “cosmwasm” Frey